It all started over ten years ago. We wanted to launch a business that does things differently. To create fashion that looks good, feels great, and can be worn for a long time. Fashion produced with the utmost resepct for people and nature. Back then - and to this day our mission was to make beautiful products without compromising our values. For that, we are willing to rewrite the rules and change the business. And we won't give up. Together with everyone who shares our vision: It's our dream to design a better world. Together. For us. And all those still to come.

Brand reports

ARMEDANGELS Social Report 2018

Social reports are a brand’s opportunity to showcase their work on sustainability, including topics like complaints handling, training an…

ARMEDANGELS Performance Check 2019

Social Fashion Company GmbH (ARMEDANGELS) has shown advanced results on performance indicators. In 2018 ARMEDANGELS was able to maintain its…